I LOVE Postcards

I've collected postcards for many, many years. At first, I wanted to have my postcards brought back to me from wherever the person who gave them to me had gone. But since I have joined Swap-Bot and have been a pen pal with League of Extraordinary Pen Pals I have wanted to swap them "naked". The first time I heard that term I was like WTF, really? And like a total noob I had to ask, "What's naked mean?" I certainly didn't think that they were going to want me to write them while I was naked because no one but my boyfriend would want that! So what does it mean?
NAKED: Mailed to the recipient written on, stamped and sent through the mail. You do NOT put the postcard in an envelope. 
Normally I buy my postcards on Ebay, Amazon, yard sales and thrift stores. I have been known to sneak into a local Chamber of Commerce and ask if they have any postcards that they are giving away. Sometimes they will give you as many as you want for free; sometimes you end up pay…

Washi Tape Addiction

Much like pen pal letters, washi tape tends to grow like weeds. I feel like sometimes they grow like bunnies. I swear I don't go to the Dollar Tree, or to Michaels or any other store that carries it and blindly put it in the cart because "it's on sale" or "I have a coupon for that". They have their own little cute babies.
Being a pen pal most likely involves a bit of mail art, even if it's only through a bit of washi .I've gotten some mail that makes my mail art look like a kindergarten school kid made it.
My envelopes will sometimes have the washi tape on the bottom, or in times of real inspiration, I'll go diagonally. You can see that these envelopes have address windows on them. When I get a bill in the mail I take the envelope that comes with it and put it in a pile. Supplies for this hobby can get expensive, so I save as many envelopes that I can so I don't have to buy them for as long as possible. When I get them I make sure to cover…

My beginning to pen pals began with Swap-Bot

My beginnings to pen palling (paling?) began with my Swap-Bot membership. It's a great place to get to know people and to swap things that mean things to you. I'm learning about people's music "ear bugs" by hosting a swap there entitled It's Stuck in My Head. I thought you might be interested in hearing what's stuck in my head this month.

I Have Pen Envy

I have a horrible problem. It's a true but sad story. I didn't want to burden you with my issues, but since you are reading my blog, I figured you'd want to know.

*stands up*

Hello, my name is Tami - and I have pen envy. I want all the pens, pencils, and markers. If you happen to give me one, likely I will steal it. If I go to doctor's offices, vets, hotels etc. if they have a pen with their name on it, I want it. And I'll be honest, I'm not be too proud to beg ask for it. Here's the collection of writing instruments that I have.

In this picture you have the blue tote which carries all of my excess pens, pencils, and highlighters. On top of that is my baggie of red white and blue instruments that are for a zentangle swap I am doing for the Facebook group Zentangle Artist Trading Card Swap. I'm doing a red/white/blue patriotic swap now, and a black and white one soon. The thing in front is a 48 pack of gel pens that I received for review from a site call…

Places to Find a Great Pen Pal

It's been about two years since I started my pen pal journey, and I swear I am not addicted to it at all. It started out so innocently, 5 pen pals here, add another 5 there, until today I have 35 pen pals.

Yes, I do write to them all, and mostly I remember what it is that we are talking about.

Many people ask me, "Tami, where do you find your pen pals?" And when I tell them, they look at me with this look of complete bewilderment because they have never heard of the places that I am talking about. So I thought for the addicts out there that want more, or want to start pen palling (doesn't that word look silly?) I'd help you out with a few links.

The first place I got my pen pals was on Swap-Bot. When you're on this site you are able to find interesting swaps that are not pen pal related, and also swaps that will have you swap a letter with one person. Hopefully this person and you will click and they will write you back. You will send a letter to one person…